Canon FD 35 2.0 SSC


  • Focal Length: 35mm
  • Aperture: 2.0 – 22.0
  • Aperture Blades: 8
  • min. Focusdistace: 0.3m
  • Filter size: 55mm
  • Hood: BW-55 A
  • Length x max diameter: 60mm x 66mm
  • Weight: 370gr

Test Conditions

  • Used Camera: Sony A7 (Fullframe)
  • Setting: Tripod, 2s timer
  • FX: None





F 2.0

F 2.8

F 4.0

F 5.6

F 8.0






LR Settings



Close Focus F 2.8 (edited image)


Distance F 2.8 (edited image)



From closest focus to infinity you can turn the focusring about 90°. The Aperture is a bit more rattly and not that smooth as the apertures of the nFD series. My version is the last one of the breech lock 35mm 2.0. These one does have a convex frontelement and does not have any Thorium containing lenses. You can easily check if your Version is radioactive: it is if the smallest aperture is 16, it has a concave frontelement. All other versions including the nFD don’t have a radioactive element.


The center is even at 2.0 sharp. Acceptaple from edge to edge sharpness at 4.0. At 5.6 it is good and at 8.0 its cornersharp. The bokeh is smooth and has no disturbing highlights. It’s perfect for wideangle photographs taken at open apertures and low distances. Anyway it is the way i like to use this 35mm. It’s nearly free of chromatic abberations even wideopen. It neither has  really visual nor disturbing distortion.

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